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Should I Switch To Shampoo Bar?

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Save money when you switch to solid shampoo bars A single solid shampoo bar or conditioner bar will last 2-3 times longer than its liquid counterpart. Are you skeptical? The reason solid shampoo bars are so much more economical is that they’re made from concentrated, active ingredients.

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Potent and natural ingredients: Unlike its liquid counterparts, shampoo bars have ditched water from their formulation, meaning the other ingredients in the bar don’t get diluted. This gives a more powerful dose to nourish and clean your hair. Also, they’re free of any sulfates and preservatives that cause dryness.

Generally How long does it take hair to transition to shampoo bars? When you start using natural products your hair readjusts by over producing sebum. Some people don’t experience a transition period at all but it can last between 2-3 weeks or even longer for some. If you live in a hard water area the transition period is usually longer, a water softener helps hugely.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Does your hair have to get used to shampoo bars?

Although many customers have no problems transitioning from detergent shampoo to a natural shampoo bar, it is not uncommon for some to experience the my hair feels funny syndrome even after several weeks of use. The transition period can range from a few days to a few weeks or even a month.

Why does my hair feel waxy after using shampoo bar?

Some (but not all) shampoo bars can leave a waxy residue. This residue is a byproduct of saponified oils. Saltspring Soapworks shampoo bars contain saponified oils. As such, some users will feel residue in their hair.

Are shampoo bars damaging?

Shampoo bars are typically healthier for your hair than detergent-based liquid shampoos because they’re made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicone, and synthetic fragrances. This means less damaging and stripping your hair and its natural oils, which can happen with chemical-based products.

How many washes does a shampoo bar last?

80 washes This depends on how many people use the shampoo bar in your household, how long your hair is, how big the shampoo bar is and how long your hair is. It can last up to 6 months, we usually say a 100g bar can last up to 80 washes on average.

Do shampoo bars make your hair greasy?

As you transition to a natural shampoo bar, your scalp needs time to rebalance scalp oil production. During this transition period, hair may feel and look extra greasy or heavy.

How do you transition to a natural shampoo bar?

Break down the build-up to reduce the breaking-in period.

  1. Wet Hair. If you have hard water, consider installing a simple water softener to your shower head.
  2. Lather up your shampoo bar.
  3. Massage the lather into your scalp and work your way down.
  4. Rinse.
  5. Clarify (an extra rinse) with an acidic rinse.
  6. Repeat as needed.

How long does it take for your hair to adjust to natural shampoo?

The change can take up to 4-6 weeks depending on the amount of build-up in the scalp and hair, but in most cases, 2-3 weeks is enough to find a new balanced state in the scalp and hair. This is because your scalp and hair have a build-up of chemicals that prevent a natural, sulfate-free shampoo from foaming.

Are shampoo bars just soap?

Unfortunately there are a lot of products on the market that are say ‘shampoo bar’ on the label but they are actually bars of natural soap with added hair friendly ingredients.

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